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Europan 09
European urbanity

Sustainable city and New public spaces

Key dates

Registrations opened
February 2007
Submission deadline
July 2007
Winners announced
December 2007

This year's theme

Sustainable city and New public spaces

Read more about the theme here

Four sites from Norway

A keyword in the 9th session of Europan Norway was innovation; Trondheim aimed for an innovative student housing complex, Odda, a renewed public character and Lillestrom a new public space reflecting the ambitions of the city.

The jury

This session's jury was lead by Danish architect Kristine Jensen.

  • Kristine Jenssen portrait.

    Kristine Jenssen (DN)

    The jury leader

  • Efrén García Grinda portrait.

    Efrén García Grinda (ES)

  • Anne Skare portrait.

    Anne Skare (NO)

  • Ingerid Helsing Almaas portrait.

    Ingerid Helsing Almaas (NO)

  • Håkon Rasmussen portrait.

    Håkon Rasmussen (NO)

  • Franco Ghilardi portrait.

    Franco Ghilardi ()

  • Anders Wilhelmson portrait.

    Anders Wilhelmson (SE)

  • Ellen Huse portrait.

    Ellen Huse (NO)

  • Trude Lund portrait.

    Trude Lund (NO)