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What is Europan?

Europan Norway offers a comprehensive early stage innovation process for urban planning, built around the international architecture competition Europan.

What is Europan?

We are looking for sites for 2024-2025

Do you have a site, an urban area, or a locality facing complex challenges or in need of innovative ideas? Please contact the Europan Secretariat to discuss whether it could be a suitable Europan site and how to further develop the project.

Europan is an innovation process for urban and regional development built around the European network and the architectural competition Europan. 

3-5 Norwegian locations are selected for each Europan round, which spans over 2 years.

Sites for Europan 18 will be selected in the spring of 2024.

Europan Norway

Europan Norway is a non-profit foundation organising the Europan competition in Norway. Europan Norway was founded in 2003 by Cornelius Brekke.

The board of Europan Norway consists of Bergen School of Architecture, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Design and Architecture Norway and The National Association of Norwegian Architects. 

The Norwegian secretariat is managed by Kaleidoscope.

Europan Norway is financed by its clients and partners, and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture

Europan Europe

The Europan network is coordinated from a central secreteriat in Paris. Europan Europe manages the competition portal, organize conferances, decides the theme and create publications. The national secretariats in each country finds the site partners, work with them to develop the questions for the competition, create the compeition briefs, organize the jury process locally and follow up each site and the winning teams after.

Check out the Europan-Europe website