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Europan 12
Adaptable City

From now until 2050 the Oslo region is expected to gain half a million new inhabitants. This dramatic growth puts pressure ont the urban fabric of the region.

Key dates

Registrations opened
February 2013
Submission deadline
July 2013
Winners announced
December 2013

This year's theme

Europan has decided to make the concept of ADAPTABLE CITY the theme of the Europan 12 session.

Read more about the theme here

Three sites from Norway

Europan's cities are engaged in a radical transformation: they need urgently to reduce their ecological footprint to help resolve the energy crisis, combat the greenhouse effect and preserve nonrenewable resources.

The jury

The jury of Europan Norway consists of both international and Norwegian experts within the field of urban planning and architecture.

  • Beatriz Ramo portrait.

    Beatriz Ramo (ES)

    The jury leader

  • Gro Bonesmo portrait.

    Gro Bonesmo (NO)

    Architect Gro Bonesmo (NO) is professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and owner / partner of Space Group (established 1999).

  • Eelco Hooftman portrait.

    Eelco Hooftman ()

    Eelco Hooftman (1960), is co-founder with Bridget Baines of GROSS. MAX. Landscape Architects.

  • Jens Kvorning portrait.

    Jens Kvorning (DN)

    Jens Kvorning is professor at the school of Architecture in Copenhagen,

  • Juan Elvira portrait.

    Juan Elvira (ES)

    Juan Elvira is architect with a master degree at Columbia University.

  • Christer Larsson portrait.

    Christer Larsson (SE)

    Christer Larsson is director of city planning in Malmø, Sweden.

  • Sabine Müller portrait.

    Sabine Müller (DE)

    Sabine Müller is, together with Andreas Quednau, founding partner of SMAQ, a Berlin-based collaborative studio for architecture, urbanism and research.