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What is Europan?

Europan is an idea competition bringing together European cities and young urban and architectural design professionals (under the age of 40). The competition spans over a two year period in which over 50 European cities and over 2000 teams are involved. The entries are judged by national juries composed of specialists in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

The competition serves a dual purpose: it offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions to local urban planning and development, and provides an opportunity for young architects to get commissions by presenting new ideas. These two functions combined create a platform for ongoing debate and research on the spatial framework of the European society.

..and Europan Norway?

Europan Norway is non-profit foundation organising the Europan competition in Norway. Europan Norway was founded in 2003 by Cornelius Brekke.

The Europan Norway Board consists of Bergen School of Architecture, Oslo School of Architecture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture and National Association of Norwegian Architects. The Norwegian Secreteriat is managed by Kaleidoscope.

Europan Norway is financed by its clients and partners, and the Norwegian ministry of Culture.