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Europan 11


How can new infrastructure be used as a successful tool that will contribute to regional, urban, demographic and economic growth?


Skien and Porsgrunn are two bordering cities in Telemark County that for many years have had an intertwined history. This has been a co-existence that both sides have benefited from, and the two municipalities now collaborate on an increasing number of areas. The cities also physically interact. Last decades’ substantial urban sprawl has converted the two cities into one continuous urban field of over 100 000 inhabitants. This has allowed for increased space and quality living. However, the sprawl has led to a difficult, infrastructural situation. Only a minuscule 5% of travelers use public transportation. In comparison, 1⁄4 of all travelers in Oslo use public transport, while the Norwegian national average is 8 %, almost twice as much. With Europan, Skien Municipality, Porsgrunn Municipality and Telemark County want to invite to a discussion about a sustainable development of the twin city area.

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The competition calls for an exploration of the potential in the twin city collaboration and aims for a development that will strengthen the area’s its position in the region. The municipalities and the county wish to use infrastructure as the driving force of change, therefore Skien, Porsgrunn and Telemark County ask the Europan 11 contenders to:

- Propose a strategy for a new sustainable mobility in the twin city urban field.
- Investigate on a conceptual level how a new strategy can be implemented in four strategic nodes along a light rail corridor.

This strategy should aim to create an attractive, modern and sustainable urban area. How can new infrastructure be used as a successful tool that will contribute to regional, urban, demographic and economic growth and solve the challenges related to sustainable transportation of people in the region? A key element in the strategy should be a light rail connection between the two municipalities.

Site facts

Skien, Porsgrunn
Skien 51 670, Porsgrunn 34 540 Grenland area 117 273
Project site
Skien 140 ha, Menstad 296 ha, Porsgrunn 146 ha, Herøya 149 ha
Site proposed by
Skien Municipality, Porsgrunn Municipality, Telemark County
Winner (12,000 euros), Runner-up (6,000 euros) and Special Mention (no reward)

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