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Raufoss asks how can there be more synergies between the community center and the cornerstone production?


Raufoss is a small industrial town 120 km north of Oslo and with a growing popula- tion of 7500 people. The settlement at Raufoss started with the construction of a matchstick factory in the second half of the 18th Century. Strategically placed on the western side of Norway’s largest lake and with a river providing hydroelectric power, Raufoss was also an ideal place for an ammunition factory. Together, these early factories laid the groundwork for what today has become a tech cluster far from any large urban center.

Today Raufoss is home to industries developing space rockets and other high tech products for a global market. The Raufoss Industry Park, which is home to 50 com- panies and covers an area of 2864 hectares, is completely surrounded by fences and tight security measures that protrude all the way into the center of Raufoss, creating an excluding barrier between the urban life and the businesses that sus- tain it. The park management is now planning to move the fence, making it possible to integrate Raufoss’ most historical industrial buildings into the urban fabric, and setting the stage for this year’s Europan participation.

Hence, one of the main themes for this competition has been the relationship between the industry and the city center. How can Raufoss benefit more from the productive energy of the industrial park, and the collective knowledge of the employees and inhabitants? How can the groundbreaking innovations taking place on the inside of the fence be reflected in and be a part of downtown Raufoss? And last, how can Raufoss’ growing population be accommodated without sprawling into the agricultural land outside of town?

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The competitors were asked to submit a proposal for how Raufoss could build a denser town to accommodate an increased population without expanding out- wards. Demographic changes, new demands for education and expertise and the competition for natural resources are all challenges which municipalities, including Raufoss, have to face. 

Raufoss is a physically divided city with a closed off cluster of high–tech industry located in a large industrial park, and a town center and urban core comprised of a new shopping mall and parking area, all divided by a river running through the town.

How can the synergies pulsating in the industrial park be reflected in Raufoss as a multi-productive urban network?

Site image in Raufoss
Site image in Raufoss

Site facts

Raufoss in Vestre Toten municipality
7.315 inhabitants in Raufoss
Project site
8 ha
Site proposed by
The municipality of Vestre Toten
Winner (12,000 euros), Runner-up (6,000 euros) and Special Mention (no reward)
The municipality of Vestre Toten intends to commission the winning team with a feasibility study in order to further develop their project towards a detailed zoning plan, under the direction of the municipality. Urban space and social infrastructure, especially on municipal property and plots, is highly prioritised by the municipality and may lead to a preliminary project if considered feasible.


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