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Europan 13


The Europan 13 site in Bergen has a unique location on the south side of Lungegårdsvannet by the Møllendal River outlet.


The Europan 13 site in Bergen has a unique location on the south side of Lungegårdsvannet by the Møllendal River outlet. Located just outside the historic city centre, the site has a long history as an industrial area, including milling back to the Middle Ages, and storage for the city’s technical department in recent times. Much of the Møllendal area has for decades been inaccessible and unsuited for public use. Now, however, a transformation is on its way.

Bergen municipality wants to explore new ways of urban living through developing a pilot project for housing at Grønneviksøren. The region of Bergen is growing fast and densification around existing centres is happening rapidly. Plans for introducing new urban development in the district of Møllendal are already being implemented with the newly finished student housing, a promenade park leading to the city centre, the new art academy by Snøhetta scheduled to be finished by 2017 and a future stop for the light rail. The Europan site represents one of the last possibilities for developing publicly owned land this close to the city core.

Sharing is the governing theme when developing Grønneviksøren. The Europan competitors was invited to explore to the fullest what positive effects sharing can have when developing housing, a kindergarten, commercial spaces, public spaces and infrastructure. What does the new “sharing-architecture” look like when Bergen is developing housing, and inviting families of all kinds and stages in life to live in an urban environment?

The site is also an important piece in the city’s initiative to develop the shore along Store Lungegårdsvann into a continuous promenade connecting the project site to the city of Bergen. Located next to the river mouth the site called for exploring transitions between land and water with activities for all ages throughout the year.

Site map
Site map


Bergen calls for ideas for a new housing project and plan for a waterfront area in Grønneviksøren just south of the city’s historic center. The site’s location and quality makes it suitable for showcasing progressive solutions in urban design and architecture. The municipality has pin-pointed the Europan site as an area for progressive urban solutions. Bergen municipality asks for proposals for a new housing project that can introduce new ideas of sharing and co-residing. The municipality wants ideas on the use of landscape and water, building typologies and programs for this central spot in Bergen.

The Europan site is to be a pilot housing project for active mixing of different demographics, different concepts for sharing and for sustainable lifestyles. Other focus areas include:

  • Good solutions for climate change adaptions and energy efficiency - Good living conditions for all age groups, especially families
  • Interaction between the new building area’s public space and adjacent green areas.
  • Balance between a dense city, the quality of living and outdoor space.

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Site facts

Grønneviksøren, Bergen, Norway
Bergen: 268.000, city center: 40.000
Project site
7,7 ha
Site proposed by
Bergen municipality (in collaboration with Hordaland county)
Winner (12,000 euros), Runner-up (6,000 euros) and Special Mention (no reward)

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