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Naturally public

meet, play, walk, talk, fly and float.

BP091 - NATURALLY PUBLICLAVIK. Naturally public. meet, play, walk, talk, fly and float.

Larvik is beautiful but one of its most obvious shortcomings is the lack of inviting public outdoor spaces mostly caused by the sheer dominance of car traffic. The city in a way is a sleeping beauty – but it is time to wake up. There is a clear boarder between the green „nature“ and the grey of the built environment in Larvik. One of the main focuses of Larvik’s future development should be letting green grow again - establishing new green corridors and shared spaces. The Larvik library should be a series of different public places to learn and evolve and empower people – all connected by the common green flowing like water through the Fjord City. Minimize grey! Increase green! Increase biodiversity & life quality!


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