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Oct 18, 2023

Join the Europan Forum 2023

Europan Norway will sponsor two architects under 40 to attend the Europan Forum 2023 in Vienna.

The Europan forum takes place from the 9th to 11th of November and is a meeting place for architects, urban planners, academics, city officials, developers, and jury members from all over Europe to network, discuss pressing concerns, and look at the results of the Europan 17 competition.

Europan Norway will sponsor 2 architects, or landscape architects residing in Norway, to attend the first day of the Forum and the youth program by TU Wien.

We cover: Flights, 2 nights of hotel, and the forum registration fee.

Apply by filling out the simple form below:

Apply by 26.10.2023


You will be part of a group of sponsored professionals attending from all over Europe and hosted by students from TU Wien.

Thursday, 9th of November
Evening Kick-off event with TU WIEN and Europan Austria: How to win architecture competitions.

Friday, 10th of November
Europan Forum open day: Panel discussions on the rights of Nature, diversity in the profession, and financialization of the housing market. Process: from idea to implementation: Lectures and Workshops on climate change and much, much more.

Saturday, 11th of November
Tours of urban planning projects in Vienna with students from TU Wien.

Read more about the Europan Forum 2023 here.

E16 Hjertelia winner, Axel Mak, preparing for a panel discussion at the 2022 Forum in Clermont Ferrand.