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Dec 3, 2021

The Europan 16 winners have been announced!


Check out the winning entries.

There were a total of 100 submitted entries to the four norwegian sites in Europan 16. The quality was generally high, and the jury selected a record number of honorable mentions. 

Go to to the archive for the complete overview of all the projects, runner ups and special mentions.

Keep reading to check out the winning projects.


A French team composed of Axel Mak, Antoine Le Métayer and Warren Louis-Marie were selected as winners of the competition in Hjertelia. Their project outlines a step by step process of carefully developing a dense fabric of small scale agriculture, education and housing on a site with uncertain futures. 

Read more about the project, team and jury remarks here

E16 Hjertelia winner: Building the ecotone


For the comepetition in Risøy, the jury selected two proposals for a shared first prize. The task at Risøy was complex, and the two winning proposals complement each other in presenting widely different attitudes that the jury thinks are both needed in the future development of the island. 

Read more about the projects, teams and jury remarks below:

Ripples in the water

The third space

E16 Risøy winner: Ripples in the water and The third space


In Fagerstrand, the winning proposal Living City, Living Sea turned out to be authored by the local architecture office Sanden + Hodnekvam. The project delivers a vision for the development of Fagerstrand where life on land and life in the fjord are intimately interlinked. 

Read more about the project, team and jury remarks here.

E16 Fagerstrand winner: Living city, living sea


The winning proposal in Levanger, Hello Woods, delivered remarkably on the complex task making a new mobility plan, a new steet use plan and visions for how to integrate a new library into the historic downtown fabric of Levanger. The team was made up of Jose Mª Mateo (ES), Álvaro Sánchez (ES), Francis Almonte (ES), Tomás Larios (ES), Victor Pérez (ES), J. Andres Ríos (EC/ES). 

Read more about the project, team and jury remarks here.

E16 Levanger winner: Hello Woods