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Nov 30, 2021

Forum for Cities and Juries in San Sebastian

Every year all actors participating in Europan across Europe gather at the a forum held in a different city. The forum for cities and juries, is about discussing the entries and issues that arrise from the jury process. Europan Norway participated with a delegation of 22 people from the different sites, jury, secretariat and the board.

From Nov. 4th to 6th 2021 more than 200 people participated to the E16 Forum of Cities and Juries in San Sebastián (ES). Organized by Europan Europe, Europan España and the Basque Country, this meeting gathered sites representatives from the 40 sites participating, members of the 9 national juries and Europan experts to discuss on a preselection of projects and on the criterias to evaluate them

The forum took place in the Kursaal, an emblematic building of the city, built by Rafael Moneo. One of the main goals during these 3 days was to create a common culture for the experts involved in the projects evaluation process before making the final choice, during a second session of the national juries. This Forum was therefore the chance for structured and informal exchanges between the juries and sites representatives through lectures, debates and working groups. Results of the Europan 16 competition were announced on December 13th 2021.