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Aug 16, 2023

Explore all sites and projects going back to E9

Our new website is finally up and running.

For a while now, we have been working with Netlife and Reklamekolletivet to build a new website and visual identity for Europan Norway.

Our goal: To make it easier to understand what Europan is all about and to make the vast archive of competitions available. Europan Norway has been part of the Europan network for 20 years: 10 sessions, 41 competition sites, and 1176 entries. This is a staggering amount of work. On this new platform, we will make every single project going back to Europan 7 available in its original form, meaning you can study the A1 boards submitted for every competition in full detail, not just thumbnail images of the winning entries. For winners, runner-ups, and special mentions, there are longer texts, jury remarks, team portraits, and interviews. We hope this will be a precious resource for participants wanting to understand more about competitions, what is asked of you, and how to improve their work. Every site is presented and the original competition brief available for download.

Simultaneously, this archive provides a unique insight into the evolution of the field over the past 20 years.

In the archive you can filter on sessions, sites and projects, as well as winners, runner-ups and special mentions. 

Our next step is to extend the archive with articles about the implementations processes: what happened on the site after the competition. 

Explore the the archive of previous sessions here