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Nov 15, 2023

Europan forum in Vienna

This weekend, the Europan Forum for Cities and Juries took place in Vienna. Europan Norway lead a delegation of 31 people representing our five sites; Larvik, Trondheim, NTNU, Karmøy and Arendal, our jury and some of our partners: NMBU and AHO.

Europan is an international co-creation process for urban development. The power of working together across borders and silos is no clearer than when 400 politicians, architects, landscape architects, climate researchers, developers, and urbanists from across the continent come together to discuss concrete projects and solutions.

On Thursday, Europan Norway organized a discussion on what architectural competitions mean for the architectural profession, in collaboration with TU Wien and Europan Austria. Bjørnar Haveland led the discussion, and Eli Grønn, Jacob Kamp, and Benni Eder captivated a packed room of young architects.

Norwegian delegation to the Forum in Wien 2023
Norwegian delegation to the Forum in Wien 2023 Photo: Diana Terenteva

On Friday, we visited Wiltgarden and Oasis 22, two built Europan projects that challenge norms of ownership structures and what is private/public. The conference focused on how to design effective and rapid processes to retain the central qualities in an innovation project when moving from idea to process and implementation.

On Saturday, the finalists for all 50 Europan 17 competitions were exhibited. More than 175 projects, 525 beautiful, detailed posters were displayed in the same room. Interdisciplinary working groups compared the proposals and solutions that came in for the different sites.

Sunday was the final day. The Norwegian jury met for the last jury meeting to select the winners for the Norwegian sites. The results will be announced on December 4th!

Thanks to our talented jury who have truly worked hard to give their very best to both the projects and the clients.

Thanks to the representatives of our 5 sites who have engaged in a long and intensive process, allowed themselves to be challenged, and are now planning how to take the results from the competition further.

The E17 jury

The jury selecting the winners on the norwegian sites for Europan 17.

  • Ida Winge Andersen portrait.

    Ida Winge Andersen (NO)

    Architect, company director, and partner at Rebuilding.

  • Jacob Kamp portrait.

    Jacob Kamp (DK)

    Partner and creative director at 1:1 Landskab

  • Eli Grønn portrait.

    Eli Grønn (NO)

    M. of Architecture and Urbanism MNAL, partner and leader for Urbanism and Planning with Dyrvik Architects.

  • Ilkka Törmä portrait.

    Ilkka Törmä (FI)

    Architect, urban designer and researcher, editor-in-chief at Outlines

  • Luis Basabe Montalvo portrait.

    Luis Basabe Montalvo (ES)


  • Katariina Haigh portrait.

    Katariina Haigh (FI)

    Architect, Project Development Director at Asuntosäätiö

  • Eili Vigestad Berge portrait.

    Eili Vigestad Berge (NO)

    Director of sustainability and public relations at Mustad Eiendom