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Site: Trondheim

Winner: MySpace

Jury remarks: This project has a clear and flexible strategy, a programmatic approach that builds on existing features in the area, adding some simple attractions. The crossing of the street is on one level. The main focus of the project is the building proposal. Although the urban strategy may be ‘loose’ and could be better developed, it holds many ideas and promises. The main idea is to extend the public realm into the building by opening up the ground floor, allowing the public through the building right up to the roof deck.

The motto “MySpace” refers to a nifty solution for the front elevations of each individual room, where the occupant can display an electronic identity. These identities come together in a kind of giant designer beehive. The organisation of the building is sober, efficient and purposeful, and communicated in a rich and detailed presentation, covering everything from environmental strategies to façade details. This proposal presents quite a compelling solution for the student residence; the idea is based on the continuation of the public realm inside the building, throughout and in between the private student rooms, ending in a public roof deck. The resulting spatial and programmatic organization looks convincing and exciting.

The architecture might look clumsy from certain angles, but in general the authors show a very high degree of control in space forming. On the other hand, the urban approach in this proposal must also be prioritized. The programmatic approach is built upon existing features in the area, and should put in some additional attractions. The urban situation is kept and developed by a large on-grade crossing to connect the two sides of the road. The ground floor is underdeveloped but there is a will to establish at least a visual connection between the public street and the courtyard as shown. It seems as the team has everything under control; plans, sections and details. The brutto/netto factor in the building seems tight, and the project has a sober minded attitude.

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Team members:

Clara Murado (ES)

Juan Elvira (ES)

Enrique Krahe (ES)

Contact information:

Honorable mention: Blue Axis

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Team members:

Bryan Galera Valor (ES)

Stephan Bosse (DE)

Honorable mention: Inside out

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Team members:

Vanessa Cerezo (ES)

Rodrigo O’Mally (IE)

Gabriela Sanz (ES)

Contact information:

About the site

Location: Elgesetergate 49/ Abels gate

Population:  161 000

Study site: 9 ha

Commission after competition: Building commission

Site proposed by: NTNU and SiT

Owners of site: Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim is today an important city for industry and commerce, education and research. The city is situated in Mid-Norway, where the River Nidelva meets the Trondheim Fjord. The city was founded in 997. Nidaros Cathedral is one of the main reasons of Trondheim’s important role in Norwegian history. In the first decade of the 1900s Trondheim also developed into an educational centre, when the Norwegian Institute of Technology was established there. This has now developed into Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) which is the second- largest university in Norway. NTNU is a centre for technological education and research in Norway, with a solid foundation in the natural sciences. Creative, Constructive, Critical are the keywords in the universities strategy. At the moment, 30 000 students study in Trondheim.

The main challenge is to add an innovative, sustainable, future oriented student housing complex, and create a new public space that links this project to the university campus and other university buildings, the riverside promenade as well as other functions within the surrounding urban tissue.