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Site: Lillestrøm

Runner up: Untitled

Jury remarks: The project illustrates a platform and a sketch for some tools with which to develop the place: While the project discusses the urban context, it holds some strategies and ideas for both the public square and the building.

The public square is built up with terrain as a small hill. This is possible to develop by simplifying and redesigning. The sections show intent to connect the ground level with the underground parking. The building is satisfactory as a scheme, because it limits the square and connects the square to the areas behind it.

The project has a plan for the main square, although in some respects it is overdone and formal. However it is commendable in its approach to building around the plaza where everything is turned into the center and yet still makes connections to the areas behind it.

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Team members:

Jesûs Mateo Muñoz  

Maximilian Martinenghi

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Honorable Mention: Lab City

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Team members:

Andrea De Matteis

Federico Zanfi


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Honorable Mention: The Five Conditions

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Team members: 

Maria Carmona

Pilar Perez

Laura Flor

Lucia Martinez

Marte Catalan

Manuel Dominguez

Manuel Alvarez-Monteserin

Luis de Prada

Elisa de los Reyes

Juan A. Chacon

Manuel Pascual

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About the site

Location: Lillestrøm, Skedsmo

Population: 14.000

Strategic site: 6.4 ha

Commission after competition: zoning plan

Site proposed by: Municipality of Skedsmo

Owners of site: Municipality of Skedsmo

The city of Lillestrøm is located 20 km east of Oslo (capital) in southern Norway and is part of a larger city conurbation. The municipality of Skedsmo is asking for innovative ideas, methods and concepts for dealing with Stortorvet as a main public space in the city. How can the design deal with the Nordic climate and the changing use of public space throughout the seasons? How can the new public space reflect Lillestrøms ambitions as the centre for knowledge based businesses dealing with renewable energy in the Oslo region?

The development of the Oslo city region takes place along the longitudinal impact of the infrastructure, simultaneously addressing the large scale of an urban band, and the local scale with its fingers. Lillestrøm is one of the main nodes in the Oslo region. The location close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen has given Lillestrøm an increased centrality and importance in the region. Regional plans state that increased growth shall mainly take place within the existing urban area. Lillestrøm has developed around the railway station, on the basis of a considerable wood mill industry. Intensifying and transforming the urban structure for further growth are the main challenge.

The main focus is to transform an existing city square into an innovative, sustainable public space and adding new mixed use buildings. The operation is part of the city’s strategy to extend the city centre and give it new dynamic in order to prevent sprawl.