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Site: Trondheim

Winner: Proscenium

Jury remarks: For the building site at Strandveien 27, the project Proscenium proposed a permeable building with a public passage. A ramp connects the different levels of Strandveien and Jernbanegata. Inside the porous structure, the ramp gives access to a public courtyard with a small gallery, a café and a balcony for visual connection to Strandveien. All apartments are accessed via the courtyard as well. The strong contrast of the rather closed and brute outer façades, with the wooden and open inner façade, turns the courtyard into a surprising discovery at the core of the site.

The jury granted the first prize to the proposal Proscenium for their negotiation with the challenges at hand: the long narrow site, the large amount of restrictions dictated by the surrounding housing blocks, the urban connections and the extension of the cultural programme. Their simple combination of a long public ramp and the inner courtyard is, in the jury’s opinion, the right approach for this site. The ramp provides access for pedestrians and cyclists, while the courtyard ends in an “urban balcony” with a view of Dora I and the surrounding harbour area.

With spatial understanding, the project negotiates carefully the demands for programmatic density, public permeability and natural light for the private homes on the narrow site. It concludes with a solid proposal that offers sculptural and spatial qualities.

Connecting the existing multipurpose space to the new public programme on the ground floor is a good approach, however, the jury finds the spatial connection to the programme situated on the first floor (including the courtyard), to be lacking. The outer façade and the layout of the apartments should be further developed to improve the quality of the project.

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Team members:

Point Supreme Architects

Alexandros Gerousis

Contact information:


From Trondheim, with love…

Jury remarks: The competitor extended the competition site for the building proposal at Strandveien 27 to the adjacent site in the northeast. Instead of only providing additional facilities for the black-box theatre on the plot, as requested by the brief, they chose to replace the theatre altogether with a new building of a much larger volume. The proposed arts centre includes a theatre, outdoor cinema, exhibition space, bar and apartments. The jury appreciates the bold architectural statement of the arts centre and sees much potential in the proposed square as a new public space in which to integrate various public programmes.

Team members:

Remy Bardin

Leo Thafvelin

Guillaume Jounet

Contact information: