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The Europan site in Trondheim is located in the district of Nyhavna, a place full of contradictions and conflicts. Heavy industry, alternative cultural activities and housing comprise the framework for the contrasting user groups of punk activists, industrial workers and business people. Large-scale war heritage and harbour buildings meet the intimate small scale of wooden houses and greenery.

The main goal for the competition in Trondheim is to use the opportunity to further the ongoing discussion about the future development of Nyhavna, and come up with alternative, interesting and innovative solutions for what could be seen as the key site of development for the whole city district. Cultural activity in the area is already evident and has the potential to be strengthened. The main focus is to use that culture as the driving force for change and revitalization by making physical strategies that show the potential for new development based on different forms of culture.

Location: Svartlamoen, Trondheim

Population: 165.190

Strategic site: 8.5 ha

Commission after competition: Building commission.

Site proposed by: Municipality of Trondheim, Svartlamoen boligstiftelse, Svartlamoen kultur- og næringsstiftelse

Owners of site: Municipality of Trondheim

Clients and partners Trondheim: Per-Arne Tefre (architect) Leif Solberg (manager), Idar Støwer (architect, retired), Randi Lile (architect), Sven Carstens (consultant),


Haugerud centre is a true born child of the utopian ideals of the Modern Movement. Once considered a success in improving the general living conditions in postwar Oslo, Haugerud now struggles with a mixed reputation and a clear need for a new identity.

How can we reinterpret Haugerud centre? The centres of the satellite cities of the 60s have lost their relevance due to increased mobility within the population, and have to re-invent themselves to survive.

Is it possible for Haugerud centre to regain its relevance by adding new programmes and creating a new identity? The challenge now is to investigate an interesting and feasible transformation of the area’s existing public spaces and programmes, promoting growth for culture, local business and social life.

Location: Haugerud, Oslo

Population: 560.000 (Oslo) / 45.000 (Alna)

Strategic site: 11 ha

Commission after competition: Zoning plan. Possibilities for a building commission.

Site proposed by: Municipality of Oslo

Owners of site: Municipality of Oslo and Enøk Consult AS (private company)

Clients and Partners Oslo: Ingar Hjelmberg (special consultant), Mette Svensen (architect), Ninja Sandemose (public relations advisor), Øystein Finvold (manager), Bydel Alna, Antti-Jussi R. Andresen (consultant)


Cedant tenebrae soli – darkness shall give way to the sun. The motto in Vardø’s coat of arm has a forceful message. As a place swept in darkness 2 months of the year, exposed to cold winds from the Arctic and dramatically located on an island in the far north-east of Norway, this force must clearly be present in the lifeblood of its inhabitants. Vardø is by all means “walking the talk”.

Northern Norway’s oldest and Norway’s easternmost town was once a prosperous trade centre and a regional strategic point with strong ties to Russia. In recent years the place has been hit hard due to the changes in the fishing industry – previously a corner stone of the society. The town now wants to use its proud history, unique location, striking scenery and strong local culture to reposition itself regionally and internationally.

Location: Vardø

Population: 2189

Strategic site: 47.5 ha

Commission after competition: Building commission / planning commission

Site proposed by: Municipality of Vardø

Owners of site: Municipality of Vardø and private owners

Clients and partners Vardø: Robert Jensen (planning and technical committee leader), Jan Sverre Ulle (department engieneer), Børge Martinussen (head of department of commerce, planning and culture), Reidulf Ervik (head of department of engineering)