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Sharing in the city

Location: Grønneviksøren, Bergen, Norway

Population: Bergen: 268,000 City center: 40,000

Strategic Site: 64 ha Project Site: 7,7 ha

Commission after competition: Building commission

Site proposed by: Bergen Municipality (in collaboration with Hordaland County)


1. Prize: 12,000 EURO

Runner-up: 6,000 EURO

Bergen calls for ideas for a new housing project and plan for a waterfront area in Grønneviksøren just south of the city’s historic center. The site’s location and quality makes it suitable for showcasing progressive solutions in urban design and architecture. The municipality has pin-pointed the Europan site as an area for progressive urban solutions. Bergen municipality asks for proposals for a new housing project that can introduce new ideas of sharing and co-residing. The municipality wants ideas on the use of landscape and water, building typologies and programs for this central spot in Bergen.

City strategy

The Bergen Region is currently undergoing a rapid growth with an expected rise of 100,000 citizens in the coming 15 years. In order to sustainably accommodate this growth, a coordinated planning and transport plan was devised based on a new light-rail system. The aim is that the new and planned light-rail lines will be the start for a significant densification of the existing urban fabric. The Europan site encompasses many of these local discussions on urban development; densification in central Bergen and around the planned light-rail stops and waterfront regeneration.

Sites definition

The Europan site has a unique location on the south side of Lungegårdsvannet by the Møllendal River outlet. Located just outside the old town center, the Europan site has a long history as an industrial area, including milling back to the Middle Ages, and storage for the city’s technical department in recent times. Much of the Møllendal area has for decades been inaccessible and unsuited for public use. Now, however, a transformation is on its way. The site represents an important part of the potential for residential infill and new urban development in the immediate surroundings of the city center.

Through a radical transformation the area will be developed as a high quality urban area both for visitors and new residents. Transformative projects in the neighborhood are completed or under development, including the new Art Academy of Bergen, 720 student flats on the neighboring site and residential buildings east of the river. A planned light rail stop will also add to the development. The site is also part of a coherent recreational zone surrounding the Lungegårdsvann and Damsgårdssundet.

The Europan site is to be a pilot housing project for active mixing of different demographics, different concepts for sharing and for sustainable lifestyles. Other focus areas include:

– Good solutions for climate change adaptions and energy efficiency
– Good living conditions for all age groups, especially families
– Interaction between the new building area’s public space and adjacent green areas.
– Balance between a dense city, the quality of living and outdoor space

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