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Europan 14: Productive Cities

Europan 14 has focused on how future production forms can be integrated into the urban fabric, increase innovation, cut logistics or open for social integration processes while benefiting other systems of the city.

Europan 14: The sites

The three sites of Europan 14 were a room in which to experiment with the idea of the mixed-use city and to what degree they allow for a more productive programmatic repertoire.
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Europan 14: The jury

The jury of Europan Norway 14 consists of both international and Norwegian experts within the field of urban planning and architecture.
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Europan 13: Adaptable City 2

The 13th session of Europan have searched for developing strategies with the aim of kick-starting urban culture based on opening up for creative initiatives, new processes for involvement and models of co-existing in private and public spheres.

Europan 13: The sites

Norway is in a time of rapid urbanization that calls for adaptions on many levels: Adapting to densification, to urban culture, smarter use of resources and a zero emission future.

A string of sites along the coast of Norway, amidst mountains and fjords, constitute the Norwegian Europan 13 session. The five sites search for urban life in areas where this is weak or not present.

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Europan 13: The jury

The Norwegian Europan 13 jury consisted of both international and Norwegian experts within the field of urban planning and architecture.The head of the jury was Ellen Hellsten.
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Europan 12: Adaptable City

From now until 2050 the Oslo region is expected to gain half a million new inhabitants. This dramatic growth puts pressure ont the urban fabric of the region.


Europan 12: The jury

The Norwegian jury of E12 consisted of professionals within the field of urbanism and architecture. The jury was lead by Beatriz Ramo.
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'Sympathy for the Devil'

How can architects better show that they are still relevant and useful to the client?
Jury leader Beatriz Ramo discusses the Europan jury process in this text.
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Europan 11: Resonance between territories and ways of life

What architecture for sustainable cities?

Europan 11: The sites

A twin city conurbation, a landfill and an urban backyard were the three Norwegian sites in the 11th session of Europan.
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Europan 11: The jury

The jury of Europan 11 consisted of a group of professionals with a wide range of qualifications within the field of urbanism and architecture, all came in with a different angle on the topic sustainability.
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Europan 10: European urbanity

Inventing urbanity

Europan 10: The sites

'Reinventing Haugerud', 'Creating a cultural arena', 'Reprogramming the high north': the three sites of Europan 10 are all adressing the challenge on how to transform urban areas.
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'Margins in the making'

“Vardø is in the outskirts of the world, as is also the case for Oslo and Trondheim” says Jan Sverre Ulle from Vardø. Europan Norway sat down and talked with about his experiences with Europan 10.
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Europan 9: European urbanity

Sustainable city and New public spaces

Europan 9: The sites

A keyword in the 9th session of Europan Norway was innovation; Trondheim aimed for an innovative student housing complex, Odda, a renewed public character and Lillestrøm a new public space reflecting the ambitions of the city.
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