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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: (Y)

Next project

(Y) is a strategy for the development of the district, guidelines of the transition from the industrial area to the multifunctional district where living and producing coexist and complement each other.

Site’s transformation begins with creating a productive framework – a network of 9 pioneer buildings. Their distinctive “Y” shape reconciles the site’s two major urban grids. Each of the Pioneers consists of 3 wings with different functions, often combining the major productive edifice with housing/hostel for its users. Pioneer buildings spread evenly over the territory, starting their own neighbourhoods, communities gathered around the leading productive function.

An initial economy generator for the new district is the IQ Building (Pioneer no Y.1.1): base of Nesa Development Agency, Spins-off Hub and technology centre created in cooperation with Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm. It will be a starting point of knowledge based economy system for the district.

(Y) has a green underlayer – a network of recreational spaces, informal communication network for pedestrians and bikers. Green corridors integrate the site with surrounding precious ecosystems. The structure of green areas is the inverse system of the Pioneers’ Productive Framework.

The intersections of the green network creates spots of common recreation. The leisure facilities are negotiated by the adjacent communities and constructed during the annual communal works, dugnad.

Nesas existing urban structure consist of two overlapping grids. Project links the function of the building to the grid. The N-S grid is ideal for residential development. NW-SE oriented buildings will have a productive purpose.

Warm, vivid colours are part of Nesa context. Not only “norwegian” falu red, but also blue, yellow and green are already present on the site. By associating colour with function, it becomes an element of architecture and identity of the place. Together with distinctive geometry of the Pioneer buildings, colours become informative, as a large-scale wayfinding system and manifestation of the architecture’s multifunctional character.
The productive street will be the main axis of economical activity. Common biz-space will create synergies between all the local players. It will cause the productive activity to expand. New possibilities of cooperation, sharing knowledge and experiences will emerge.