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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: Urban Campus

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Challenge: productive landscape 2.0

The topic of this year is a common problem shared by many European countries that has faced in recent years the impact of the phenomenon of deindustrialization and the obsolescence of the Fordist model of production. On the other hand knowledge-based jobs are taking more and more relevance due to the growing diffusion of mechanized work in the main production of goods.

The disappearance of most of the traditional roles has encouraged the emergence of new forms of jobs that focus on creativity, innovation, customization and flexibility . The entire category of free – lance jobs has strongly affected the places where we work and produce and the borders between working life and private life have become more subtle than before. Therefore our way of designing spaces for work should consider the importance of creating strong connections among our working life, our social relations and the act of learning, that has also become a fundamental part of our life, considering the importance of keeping updated to all the new products and technologies that are released in the market every day.

New opportunities: productive campus

The new central campus for high – tech industries in Narvik is composed by a variety of functions that includes housing, co-working spaces, learning centres, spaces for leisure activities and significant venues. The level of flexibility for each of these spaces is considerably high, that means that a workshop can become a place for events, parts of the student housing can become a training centre as far as the physics centre can become the location for exciting concerts. The new campus should emerge as a real reference point for both the city and the region, a place where people can share knowledge and ideas, a space where they can find tools to develop their businesses and a catalyst for cultural and social interactions: an extra – ordinary place where anyone can feel at home while working, mixing public and private.

Target: young generations

Many students every year decide to leave Narvik after the university studies just because they think they cannot find good opportunities here. Offering them high quality spaces for working, socializing and living and keeping them in the core of the city is a way to bring new life and new forces to Narvik. It’s an attempt to stop the progressive ageing of the population and give a real trigger for the local economy in the future.