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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Tundra trail

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Possibility of a different urbanism? We propose a shift towards slow.

On a planetary scale Slow Movement is a resource to collect and monitor the fragile landscapes of Arctics Based on Migratory paths of the last Nomads – Network of Tundra trails is a device to track the changes of the ecosystem. In everyday of Guovdageaidnu the part of this network proposes a different( or forgotten?) practice of living – slower, based on proximity.

We call it Tundra trail.

Tundra trail gathers landscapes, memories and programmatic gravity points.

Tundra trail curates the growth – expansion of the inhabited landscape, but even more important it is there to guide the contraction.

Tundra trail sets the limit for the landscape to remain untouched – inside the Bowl. Celebrating the act of gathering around and within the fragile Arctic landscapes.

It is a tracking – monitoring device – unfolding the new/old narrative of the people of the North- not as consumers, but as keepers of the Ecosystems they/we depend on and thrive from.

Trail is a part of a planetary system of thousand miles of paths, nomadic people move along through generations – able to perceive even subtle differences in the habitat.

At the Frontier of Black Winter, when Arctic landscape are undergoing radical changes noone is able to foresee … the Trail hints towards a different/ forgotten narrative for the last Nomads

-leave no traces by keeping their eyes and hands on the “pulse” of Tundra.