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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Raufoss
Title: Together in Raufoss

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Something is about to happen in Raufoss. From seeing itself as a little brother of neighbouring city Gjøvik, Raufoss has started to realize its own potential. The self-image and ambition have gone from being a quiet town near a “closed” industrial park, to seeing itself as a city with a high-tech industry, distinctive history and a centre of great potential.


A great city connects people, and the further development of the city center in Raufoss must rebuild good relations between the inhabitants. A society where there are good relations between the inhabitants has many advantages. It is positive for business, voluntary, integration and security. But most importantly, it provides richer content in the lives of the people who live there. Raufoss has gone from being a small town to a city. Knowing your neighbor is no longer self-evident. People in Raufoss say it is difficult to connect with new people unless you attend church, sports or hang out at the local pub. These are good meeting places, but Raufoss’ inhabitants are more diverse. Raufoss wants to increase the ambitions of the village and has gained city status. Now, a greater diversity of meeting places must also be arranged to connect the ever-increasing population of Raufoss, to the best of individual raufossing and the city.


Make Raufoss attractive by profiting from the values already there

The nature, the river, the history and the topography should all be used when we build Raufoss’ identity. Raufoss is more special than it seems like, and there are lots of values here that must be preserved and benefitet from when Raufoss develops.

Make urban spaces as diverse as people

Raufoss is a diverse city and the urban spaces should be equally diverse. People are in different moods and with different needs throughout the day, week and year. There should be places in the city centre to meet those needs so that all people can enjoy Raufoss, and potentially meet one another.

Make Raufoss a walker’s paradise

While its crucial to create urban spaces where the people can meet, its also equally important to link the urban spaces together with streets and walking routes. People walking by each other have the opportunity to greet each other and maybe start a chat which can lead to a new meeting or a stronger relationship.

Share more, meet more

Sharing things, services and space provides more opportunities for people to connect.

Unleash the potential of the mall

We propose to open the outer walls of the mall, and to turn the back side of the mall to the new main street for pedestrians through Raufoss. By orientating the buildings to the street it greatly contributes to the complexity of the street and makes it more interesting to walk by