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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Raufoss
Title: This must be the place

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Ambition As the future development of Raufoss will require a city center that can accommodate an expansion of both its industrial, civic and commercial activities, the project is interested in proposing an urban structure that can allow for these modes of production (industrial, social-services and commercial) to blend, coexist and share resources invested.

The Ambition of the project is to present a possible model for the norwegian small-city, with Raufoss as a case. Although the variety among the norwegian small cities is vast, it is also possible to locate some commonalities. These “commonalities” can be found in how the place has responded to shifting conditions of transformation, like the ones listed in the brief: Resources, mobility, equity, as well as shifting political ideologies and technologies.

Like many cities of a similar size and function Raufoss has developed in phases that carries characteristics of the contemporary political project. We can briefly divide the history of Raufosss into: Industrial settlement (1870s), civic-center development (1970s) and increasing commercial activities (2000s).

Rather than focusing too much on the “local” or “specific”, the interest of the project is to address what has been identified as “typical challenges” for a place like Raufoss, related to its historic modes of production:

  • How to make the city center gain from relatively large investments in civic programs?
  • How to rethink the city center as commerce is consolidating in larger cities?
  • How to make industrial activites and production part of the daily life in the city?