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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: The Z producer

Previous project

Compared to the past, the world around us today is extremely different. It is so much so that we need to make an effort so that architecture and urban planning can get partially rid of that ‘totalitarian’ modern burden, and of those ideas that were created on a blank sheet. We need to do this is in order to get to be able to make a bold, daring architecture, but which is similar -and sibling- to the world where we live in, and the world of our ancestors. Therefore, this is about recovering the lost ‘zeit geist’ (the spirit of time) and finding purpose, which can be understood as the necessary agenda and the ‘desideratum’ of today’s architectural trends.

The landscape within the study and performance setting comes as the result of different productive activities carried out over time, inherited or imported gradually, that tend to be concentrated at Rødberg or outsourced. That is the reason for this project idea. However, local requirements and demands have also been a key factor, adjusting to them and to the natural and built morphology of the area itself.

Natural elements carve the land (steep topography, on a hill slope), and the perimeter line of the lake created by the dam make Rødberg revolve around sinusoidal lines, parallel to the most favourable slope, and to the abovementioned sheet of water.

The project retakes these unifying traces of local identity and it uses its strategic location in order to rethink productivity in town, together with a new proposed frame perpendicular to it, with which it will coexist. This will be of a smaller length, but it will have great conceptual and practical significance because it serves as an additional mobility element that finishes sewing the territory’s two main directions, and therefore the town.