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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: The Tower and the Crystal Palace

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Our vision is to turn Skiferkaia into a business park and a research and development center of global scale. It proposes the creation of a complex of high symbolic and ecological value that is attractive for the main companies operating in the northern region and for university centers dedicated to the training and insertion of young people in the working world.

From the dawn of history, this remote place witnesses the human activity linked to work, leaving us testimony by ancient carvings in stone. Today, the new carving to be sculpted is the youth through training, culture and sensitivity for the environment.

The proposal gathers this tension between past and future, seeking to give Skiferkaia a characteristic of maritime front and skyline.

It is committed to a gradual but deep intervention of the project area in such a way that this same action becomes the engine of transformation of the Bossekop center. Likewise, a flexible program and growth by modules are proposed that allow a gradual relocation of existing facilities.

Formally, space is organized by two large structures: one vertical and one horizontal. The first corresponds to the Tower and the second to the Crystal Palace. Together, they will be perceived as two large glass cases during the day and light during the night. Between them a square is created that serves as an access point for both buildings and as a point of connection between the project area, the Bossekop center and the other sub-centers of Alta.