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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: The Sky is the Limit

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This project -The Sky Is The Limit – Activating Alta’s Productive Heritage proposes Skiferkaia and Bossekop as a new social epicentre for entrepreneurship, landscape tourism, local production and living. The project is guided by four foci:

–Entrepreneurship. Skiferkaia should provide the optimal foundation for entrepreneurial endeavours to unfold. By providing spaces for local start-ups to work and meet at Skiferkaia, synergy between existing and new actors is sought created. Already existing local knowledge produceres like Kunnskapsparken and The Arctic University of Norway | UiT are invited to collaborate with new initatives at Skiferkaia and join forces with young creative.

–Landscape Tourism. The already existing arctic tourism industry in Alta should be incorporated as part of the future Skiferkaia. Skiferkaia and Bossekop should be established as the keypoint for tourists exploring the landscapes of Alta and Finnmark. An expansion of the tourist industry should take a sustainable and responsible route seeking to educate both locals and visitors about arctic nature and landscapes. Focus should not only be on traditional sights but could also be pointed towards the importance of the cultural landscape of the Alta Canyon, including exploring the past, present and future relationships between humans and landscapes in the Arctic North.

–Local Production. Skiferkaia should be used as a means to highlight local produce for both locals and visitors. The architecture of Skiferkaia should be rooted in the materiality of the productive territory it is part of by using locally produced and excavated materials like wood and slate. Skiferkaia should not only serve as a showcase for local materials, building technique and architecture but also for food production and craftsmanship taking place in Alta.

–Living. Alta’s population expects to grow 1% annual the coming years with a particular high proportion of young inhabitants. Skiferkaia should provide an inclusive and affordable form of living using the already existing amenities of Bossekop in close connection to the surrounding landscapes. The buildings should be built as dense low-rise to create an intimate feel and shield inhabitants from rough climate. The open spaces of Skiferkaia should be publicly accessible.