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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Raufoss
Title: The beating heart of Vestre Toten

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We take the idea of the additive colour model as a starting point of the project. We focus on the idea of overlaying the elements in the best way so that there is a harmonious coexistence between the city centre, the production and nature thereby finding “the best array of colours” for Raufoss. The idea of an RGB colour model is reflected in the stage plan showing the main milestones in the development of the territory. Our approach unites the vision of a balanced future, which sustainably combines productivity, infrastructure, quality of life, social equity, inclusion, environmental sustainability of the city space and the algorithm, which helps to plan, measure and finally approach thus visionary image.

There are two main prerequisites of the project. Firstly, Raufoss, located outside the traditional growth centres can exploit the potentials, which lies in the short distance between city and nature, without unnecessary urban sprawl in the countryside. Secondly, the high-tech industrial park that “plays an advantageous role for the nation on its way towards a sustainable future” is a distinctive feature of the city, which creates the framework for its further growth and development. Having this in mind, the project challenges the issue of how respectful, future-proof and sustainable urban development in a small town help to maintain and attract residents in an area outside the traditional growth centres and thus contribute to creating growth and strengthening the industrial area.

The project site, which is undoubtedly the most important strategic development zone, is located on both banks of the river Hunnselva, that runs right in the middle of the city. Despite the small site area, even today it contains quite a lot of functions, including the shopping mall, the entrance zone of the industrial park and green area on the riverbanks. However, the large part of the site is occupied by parking lots, which according to the brief, should be replaced by new development. The project site has a greater potential to become a knot, a new urban core, which connects and distributes people flows and provides new functions and possibilities to fulfil expectations and needs of future inhabitants of Raufoss, thus improving the quality of life.

The project starts with the creation of a new connection between the industrial park and the city centre. The new bridge, located near the Catapult centre, is being built, the fence is moved and Building no. 313, 3, 4 and 5 are now publicly accessible. Two paths on both sides of the two-story parking, connecting the river and Storgata, are renovated and inviting new visitors to the area. The new square in front of the two-storey parking is being built to room temporary activities.