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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Synercity

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Synercity is former industrial site within Neva peninsula in Lillestrøm. Well known for its industrial production, innovation, openness towards sustainable design is soon to face radical change. The area is part of large in scale urban development project, including transformation into working and housing neighborhood. The upcoming change brings an opportunity to rethink the encounter between built, industry and landscape. The project reactivates and strengthens the relationship between constructed and given landscape previously challenged by industrialization and past urban development. It opens up for the visitors whom wish to experience the multiple layers. In this process Neva became a beacon of change; the link that demonstrates and educate about the before and after. Industrial heritage along with promotion of micro and medium scale businesses together with incorporating ecological shifts into cultural change becomes the dominant design narrative for the project.

Synercity offers an opportunity for the industrial hub to become a heart of productive neighborhood, aiming to maintain resources, reconnect with its surroundings, respect its rich history and unique geography; but also to became a laboratory of mix uses and functions. The project illustrates how urban growth can be balanced with ecological restoration, creation of new urban and public spaces, leading to development of strong sense of the place built on the legacy of an industrial place. The industrial activity formulated patterns and forms that have been readapt and developed along with introduction of new technologies and syntax into a new landscape of the peninsula that highlights the presence of the Nitelva River, previously hidden behind the embankment protecting from changing water levels and flooding.