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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Supersize Me

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Starting from the problems detected through the analysis in the different scales of the city of Alta, we intend to propose a new economic system taking into account its endowments as a backbone of the new project

TARGET 01: A new economic and productive XL scale model for the whole city

The economic system is obsolete based on a primary sector and services: first to satisfy the needs of the city only and the second to support tourism based on the natural values ​​of the area. It is necessary to find the opportunities of Alta that suppose a continuation of the current system finding that union between efficient city and nature by means of mass production of energy and the recycling and reutilization of the structures incorporated to the project.

To this end, a new I+D and research center will be incorporated, which will import a new educational system and environmental awareness that will bring new inputs of population and knowledge. Around this system will grow a complex of companies of similar character. New forms of production will be created, new uses of factories, products, energies … that will lead to a new inhabitant profile for the city with its new requirements.

This center will be supported by a set of renewable energy plants that will take advantage of Alta’s wasted natural resources and on the other hand recycling centers parallel to the consciousness of reducing the impact of everything that is incorporated into the city. In the case of biomass plants or recycling of electronic products are oversized to be able to import waste from other populations.

All this culminates with a closed economic system that does not depend only on inputs but feeds on what it produces in a cyclical system.

TARGET 02: Reuse the existing endowments in Alta

Through the actions is not intended to provide the city with a new constructive identity so it is necessary to reuse the outdated infrastructure of the city introducing new uses in them. Above all, we refer not to small businesses but to the service companies complexes that grow in the perimeter of the city establishing the recycling centers of electronic, global and organic components in the vicinity to minimize the impact to the inhabitants of the city .

TARGET 03: Redirect the functional model of the city towards the concept of smart city