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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Raufoss
Title: Statics and Dynamics

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Re-assembling Raufoss

The aim of the project is to look at how the defining elements of Raufoss, such as the industry park, the Hunnselva river and the city´s main street, Storgata, together with new introduced elements can be linked together both spatially and socially, facilitating for a new, vibrant city to be born. The project consists of several interventions on different scales, focusing on housing, public and common space, as well as dealing with the role of the industrial park becoming a part of the new urban scene.

The project would be implemented in the city in three phases:

  • One The catalysators – small, interventional public pavillions, giving a small glimpse of what is about to come.
  • Two New public programmes, mini factories, learning centres and a commuter hotel.
  • Three Housing surrounding and defining public space around the already introduced pavillions and centres.

A new city grid

The proposed buildings are placed between the industrial area and the city centre – bridging the two. The industrial grid is rotated so that the buildings are oblique to the river, and the city centre with storgata, follows the direction of the river. The proposed buildings ajusts to both grids, creating dynamic, but logical in between spaces as well as connecting to the city´s infrastructure.

Ways of living

Being the home of constantly evolving industrial activity, Raufoss is anticipating population growth. Brubakken and the northern parking lot are two central but unutulized sites that not only could provide housing and public space, but also a stronger relationship between the city centre to the river and industrial area. As the typology of Raufoss mostly consists of single housing, the project proposes to introduce new typologies– town houses, low rise apartment buildings, a commuter hotel and student housing, bridging the scale from industrial to small, making the transition from the inside and outside of the city soft and recognizeable.

Spaces for meeting, making and learning

By implementing mini factories, learning platforms as social and productive space, and by extending the role of the local library, we believe what happens in the ”top secret zone” could be reflected outwards the city. By providing low key platforms for exchanging knowledge and taking advantage of the expertise that is hidden behind the fence, this might have positive repercussions in terms of giving the local community enough knowledge to get a stronger ownership to their city´s industry and heritage, as well as being a catalysator for encouraging our future engineers.

Moving through the city and along the river

The proposal suggests a new public street in between amfi and Hunnselva. The new public street connects to Storgata on one side and to the new river path on the other side, creating a new city grid. The new axis enables easy access for pedestrians and bike between the train station, shopping-mall, Storgata and the industrial park, as well as including the river as a natural part of everyday life in the city.