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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Sløw Stream

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The productive city system is based on social, environmental and economical dynamics, and its resilience depends on the complexity, diversity and consistency of its interactions. These interactions are what makes productivity happen, and Lillestrøm is a living proof of that. Its origins, back in the 1850’s, are related to its productive functions, enabled by its special ecological and geographical situation. Nowadays, Nesa represents the productive functions of Lillestrøm, which have been pushed away from the city center to a peripheral location. isolating and disconnecting it from the urban fabric, decreasing its productive potential. By enhancing the connections with the city center we will be promoting not only a productive area, but a productive network. This connectivity consists on a series of corridors – a park, a wetland system, and urban ecological corridors, where the soft mobility paths are integrated.

Nesa’s productive identity will be based not only in its program, but in its ecological situation. It is the transition point between the river, the park, the city, the industry and the natural reserve, and ecology describes these areas as the ones with more biological activity – the most productive ones. These dynamics will enter Nesa in two main corridors – a green belt, surrounding the peninsula, and a central corridor, which tears the urban fabric apart, flanked by several water features, symbolizing a river branch that brought fertility to the new settlement. The program also reflects this diversity, bringing, besides the much needed residential function, several productive infrastructures. It consists mainly on mixed use blocks, where different productive activities are predominant, coexisting with residence. Besides the most “traditionally productive” programs – such as the industry, workshops, greenhouses, transformation center, market, offices, services, tram station – all the other Nesa programs, such as the school, sports facilities, library, recreational center, cultural center, natural reserve interpretative center, public plazas, lake park – contribute to Nesa’s productivity, as they enhance the social e environmental dynamics of the community.

In order to guarantee a prosper community, the proposal is based in multifunctionality, present in the built infrastructures and in the open areas and in Nesa’s identity. In order to achieve a sustainable growth, we propose and implementation based on 3 stages – pioneer, colonizer and mature.