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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Slate

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Connection point between Norwegian merchants coming by the Fjord and the Saami coming down the plateau by following the river, Bossekop is forming the urban historic node of Alta. While the slate industry is about to leave Skiferkaia, and while the renowned market doesn’t enough daily boost the neighborhood, the vocation of this centrality needs to be redefined. Bossekop has to provide its complementary position to the City’s administrative center and amenities; and to Elvebakken’s logistics platforms.

If productive economy is an important vehicle for reactivating the neighborhood, can it also give it a new sense? To avoid the artifice, the banal, or the immoderation, can we find in this area resources that would be sustainably present? Which energies can we capture and catalyze in order to create a new intelligence between the neighborhood and its environment?
We are thinking that the natural and built environment is full of opportunities to seize:

– Infrastructures needed to develop productive activities
– Topography generating beautiful panoramas on the Fjord to value housing and amenities
– A natural and cultural singular environment for the impact on tourists
– An economic wealth conductive to the development of multitrophic aquaculture

How can we combine these activities in order to create synergy between practices and a resilient, polyrhythmic and functional city?
To answer these challenges, the frame that structures this project is made by three main principles:

1 Find a porosity between the city and its land
The project is designed around big breakthroughs; perpendicular axes to the main road and the shoreline that provide amenities and soft modes of transport. They open Bossekop both on the Fjord and the metropolitan system. By restoring the historic and geographic continuities, this frame supports ecologic continuities and reattaches the neighborhood to its land.

2 Highlight the Fjord’s vicinity
The Fjord form an omnipresent wallpaper but diffused and far. Three devices reveal the near shoreline by playing the relief: the breakthroughs up the slope’s nose, the walk on balcony and the « Bird Goathi » on the Fjord.

3 Activate the neighborhood from the public areas
The combination of varying topography, built volumes and plant qualification creates open spaces safe from the wind. Collective and mutualized, shared and polyvalent, they are the neuralgic items of the two neighborhood’s floors.