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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Skiferkaia Clusters

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The productive areas emerging from the post fordiste economy tend to concentrate themselves around complementary or competitive activities. This type of organisation in cluster bring mutual development of infrastructure in order to increase efficiency. But to some extend, those areas of production are lacking program diversity, public spaces and cultural offer make them a place of qualities to work and live.

Alta products area are today gathered at the edge of the city around the port and the airport. Land will be vacated with the discontinuing operation at Skiferkaia, a former storage and transformation facility for the inland slate quarry. This represents a new opportunity to rethink the making of the city in regard to the integration of products activities in the urban realm. It is not only a question of creating nicer productive areas, it concerns the integration of lower qualified workers and craftsmen to the social interactions, proximity and services that are the cornerstone social cohesion.

The understanding of the forces governing today’s productions areas brought us to develop a flexible strategy that will trigger interaction networks, innovation and quality of life .

Skiferkaia Clusters is a bottom up initiative that is engaging the general public, the city governements and the privates actors to develop an holistic urban fabric that intergrate production at defferent scales from the electrician to the larger manufacturer as it does with the nomade dweller and the large familie household.