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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: Sharing a common ground

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The first idea of the project is to extend the existing park, connecting it to the public space. Currently the main street runs in parallel with the park, the proposed park is centred by the new square and the new public space is directly connected with Konges Gate. This is part of the process to transform this street from a motorway to an urban avenue for the Narvik people. Several buildings with different kind of activities share a common central space and all the buildings stay around the permeable forest. Digital and material production mix together in this space, with the advantage of sharing knowledge and experiences. A big co-working for digital production is located at the last level of the Sentrumsgarden and  9 workshops with a double access (pedestrian in the front and for deliveries in the rear) are located in the NW side. Moreover lessons conferences, debates, cinema and drama are part of the cultural production to get a continous process of updating, learning and teaching.

In the Sentrumsgarden there are also students accommodation and a big market and exhibition space in the ground floor. But, looking to the previous experiences in Europe and in the world, often the main problem of productive areas is the risk of becoming isolated spaces, aliens in the city. The project proposes to have space of productivity: 5 pavilions shared with the citizenship, where you can fix a bike or teach a foreign language. Involving the local people is the main goal to achieve a real urban regeneration. The project proposes to get these goals by a mix of different actions, planning to remove some buildings, keep and transform some others, conserve the historical heritage and create new buildings where necessary. Every building has an iconic shape and a particular attention has been put in the roofing design.