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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Self Made City

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The division of Alta in three parts creates difficulties concerning balanced interchange. Whilst Elvebakken and Alta city already form points of interest- Elvebakken locating the airport and Alta City the University and the mall – Bossekop lacks public attractions.

To create a complementary centre in Bossekop, it is necessary to provide the area with new public uses that are beneficial for the whole of Alta.

As the site was not accessible for the inhabitants of Alta so far, it is necessary to create a public connection between the centre of Bossekop and the Skiferkaia. The sloping terrain down to Standveien is opened up and converted into an accessible park area to approach the new part of Bossekop centre.

To support the green connection,the seafront of Strandveien is partly naturalized by breaking up the artificially reclaimed ground. The slate is then reused to form small greened islands along the seafront to retain the character of the former industrial slate production.

The old industrial halls are converted into public spaces that give room for art, sport, discussion and entrepreneurial start ups.

Strandveien 48 is converted into a communal centre with an art exhibition, a cafe with an interior garden and sport facilitys in the ground floor. A new 150-student halls of residence is integrated on additional floors with a shared roof terrace in between.

Strandveien 60 is converted into a market and workspace for new start-ups. Small Ateliers are placed into the industrial hall the space in between is for communal use to create meeting points for social and entrepreneurial exchange and development.

As the communal centre and workspaces need to be organised by a community of Alta it develops a strong feeling of identification and responsibility. At the same time it offers a great freedom in influencing the cities development. The further development phases of the site connect to this history of a self-made city.Along the back of the Strandveien new sites are offered to create an adjustable, mixed-use structure, simulating the street facing the centre of Bossekop. Therefore the column grid of the industrial halls is continued on the backside of the Buildings creating a scaffold that can be filled with buildings and temporary installations according to the needs of the inhabitants of Alta.On both ends new head buildings are constructed to contain industrial and educational uses and to point out the different entrances to the Skifkaia.