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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Seam

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«Jođi lea buoret go oru». Established as trading place of a semi-nomadic society, Guovdageaidnu finds its identity in the road. The name itself Guovda-geaidnu means «half-way». Halfway between two traditional migrating routes, Guovdageaidnu has a unique location and holds great possibilities to become an important destination in the arctic region for innovation and new economies. The current main road to reach Guovdageaidnu is the north-south European route (E45), around which the town has developped.

The project reads the territory on three scale levels: the urban landscape, the community economy and the road system. The current residential developments of Guovdageaidnu is fragmented in residential clusters, without a homogeneous development. The buildings with public interest are located around the E45 by spreading in bunches. This system does not create a city center where people gather, but there are isolated buildings here and there with isolated functions, connected by long-distance routes.

SEAM is the urban core, as connecting place of mixed urban areas for nature, water, farming, mobility, business and living.

The “Seam” aims to bring the “streetlife” to the daily life of Guovdageaidnu. The project focuses on revitalizing 4,4 Km long of the E45 route, by creating a framework for future developments. Through soft programmatic injections the “Seam” is a space in the making. Due to the flooding risk, no permanent structure can be placed on the riverbanks. The spots can host multiple functions and can be implemented with time. It is possible to create endless possibilities to make the most of the city identity.