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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Seafactor(y)

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It’s a good afternoon, the weather is a bit warmer than last days. I am riding my bike along the new coastal lane, three years ago it was impossible to see the fjord from this perspective. Approaching Skifferkaia I am glimpsing that something has changed from the Iast time that I have here. I remember there were only some factories but I have never mind so much about this place. Maybe I should stop and have a look.

I start walking on the sloping ground in-between two student housing. Altafjord is right in front of me, framed by the buildings. Looking around I can see some young people studying at their windows and small shops down by the square. I want to go forward. After passing through a glass threshold, suddenly a vast pan- orama surprises me.

I am suspended on a structure above tree canopies, from here I can see all the great mountains enclosing the sea and the waterfront unrevealing at the vanishing point. Going further on the boardwalk I cross the mass of vegetation and I finally get into Skifferkaia. Here I realize that the structure connects all the buildings offering to me many different possible paths.

Where do I go first? I notice people with bags full of vegetables, fisher- men selling fresh fish in a market, students resting in a winter garden, and still the sea inviting me to get closer. I’m curious, I start to explore the complex getting in and out of buildings, walking at ground level in a tundra park, climbing a tower when I find people looking for birds. There are so many things to do here, I can even grow my own vegetables!

The sun is starting to go down now, but there is still something that I have not visited yet. Some student have told me that there is a pier leading to a platform on the sea. I think I will go there and seat for a while, there is going to be a wonderful northern light in few minutes.