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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: Rhizomatic garden

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As car flow through Kongensgate road is going to be relocated to a new tunnel nearby, the project proposes to reduce the road width in order to create a pedestrian path flanked by trees. This boulevard will improve citizens´ experience while using the public facilities of the city.

At the same time, the project generates a green barrier towards the city railway, ensuring acoustic and pollution isolation of the buildings nearby. The result is a green isle in the middle of Narvik, where the main public facilities are located. This isle also joins Fagernesfjellet woods with Gudbransons Park, not only creating a green space in the middle of the city centre, but also integrating the urban space with the surrounding landscape.

The project creates a unique building inside this green isle, which will represent Narviks´ future vision of technological and scientific improvement. The purpose of this building is to serve as a skin of a square. This mixed programme building will join science and technology investigators and experts together, whilst the square will encourage them to share their different points of view.

On the other side, this tall and circular shape looks out in every direction, allowing a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape, which includes Bromsgård park, Narvikfjellet, Beisfjorden or Ofotfjorden. This structure will provide a pleasant atmosphere for the development of future scientific research.

The projected building is organized around a garden which climbs the floors through different branches. This continuous garden connects the Bromsgård park and the Konensgate street with every floor of the building, passing through a half-private garden on the roof, and coming back down to the ground floor without interruption. This path will encourage people to meet each other, instead of isolating them by using the elevator. The garden also provides every activity taking place inside the building a closed space for relaxing and concentrating.

The ground floor of the project is opened towards Bromsgård park, and the central square replicates its vegetation. The building also has plenty of green spaces, camouflaging itself with the park. This proposal rejects the idea of creating an architectural barrier towards the park. On the contrary, this is a project which helps the park to grow further.