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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: RE : WIRE Guovdageaidnu

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Gouvdageaidnu as the” heart of Sápmi” faces new challenges in how to maintain itself as a productive city in a centralised environment, where it becomes harder to sustain traditional habits such as siida and keeping up with contemporary demands at the same time. Is there a possibility that a strategic and spatial approach can help to overcome these challenges?

“RE:WIRE Gouvdageaidnu “ as a project understands the challenges faced by Gouvdageaidnu as a way to examine current conditions and to “rewire” spatial networks in order to react to the transitions and changes experienced by Gouvdageaidnu and to introduce hereby a sustainable future Sami lifestyle. The build environment can strengthen the relation between the traditional Sámi culture and the modern lifestyle that is lived in Gouvdageaidnu today. Herewith Gouvdageaidnu can continue to live the best of both worlds, the traditional culture and the contemporary way of life. “RE:WIRE Gouvdageaidnu “ addresses the brief in a strategic approach and aims to visualise new networks and possibilities for Gouvdageaidnu.