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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Re-Meaning

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Re-Meaning (Transforming traditional industry in urban synergies). Within the urban context of Alta, Bossekop and Skiferkaia have a relevant position as a gateway, accessing the city of Alta from the south of the country by road or exit, accessing through the airport in Elvebakken. In any case, the potential to become an icon of social and economic activities in the urban context of Alta is considerable due to its easy access from the “City”, the only 6 kilometers separating the airport and its unique Access to the sea Facing the Alta Fjord.

These conditions and characteristics inspire the conversion of Skiferkaia and with it, the center of Bossekop, in an experiment of uses and activities, suitable for the economic development of the tourism of the area, research, trade and leisure. Therefore, “Re-Meaning” proposes an urban system that is capable of creating the formal basis for all these uses and activities, that restructures the dispersed urbanism of the area in a forceful way and modify the coastal front of the city , transforming an industrial urban landscape into a public and productive urban landscape, thus becoming a place of easy access for citizens and with a recognizable urban intervention in the landscape of the city and the fjord.

“Re-meaning” activities is, multifunctional activities, improving fishery, Skiferkaia as a potential tourist spot, a cultural Extension of the university

The Seafront transformed in a multifunctional promenade:
The clear directionality of the architectural intervention is broken by the appearance of two main paths that cross it, a diagonal establishing a direct connection between the center of Bossekop and the sea front and another horizontal linking the resulting free spaces between buildings. This horizontal walk is part of a landscape intervention that connects the most important points of the coast, modifying them in some points in a substantial way and in others, simply acting as a promenade. This line is also essential to understand the connection between the various uses that are proposed in Skiferkaia.

“Re-meaning” is configure new public spaces to re-design architecture.