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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: R+D Institute of Industrial Technology

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When we first approached the competition, awareness, location and current use were the main issues that became critical in order to be solved. Industrialized areas are usually located on the suburbs of the city, and detached from the main core of it. This is due to the fact that industries usually work with elements that are toxic and harmful for the human beings. The labor of these industries requires high performing equipment and many times not only chemicals but also big furnaces in order to heat construction elements such as steel or iron. As a matter of fact, it is not only the equipment and materials laboring that are against the coexistence between citizens and industrial areas, but we can also ensure that the pavement, the common areas, the landscape and the proper buildings do not invite local citizens to frequently visit these areas.

Therefore we began to consider what the future has held in reserve for these current isolated areas. What is the fate that the world has arranged for industrial areas, can we do something about it? Should we consider the fact that in ten years many cities could engulf industrial areas and become part of it? This is a concern of paramount importance, and could be considered as the prologue of the idea. However, trying to introduce and interconnect these isolated sub-urban areas seems to be an encounter that in current days has not been solved.

Residential, leisure, offices, green areas, sports, college areas, industrial areas, can these cohabit? At a first glance, it seems to be an intricate issue. Due to the fact that activities that daily occur in these areas are so differing, this coexistence seems to be difficult to get to. However, why not at least trying to make a reasonable and strict approach to somehow scatter how these hostile activities could cohabit in ten years’ time.