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Europan 13: Adaptable City 2

Self-organization, Sharing, Process


City: Bergen
Title: Our city, our collective

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1 Housing projects of the future are more diverse! We want the wishes and needs of the inhabitants to direct our building typologies, not the market driven developers
2 Our streets are also a space we share! In a dense city, they should be looked at as an extension of our living rooms. Hierarchy puts pedestrians and bicyclists first, public transport second and motorized vehicles last
3 The future city citizens ride bikes! Not cars, within the city. Not only to transport themselves, but also to transport lighter goods
4 Densification with quality! The main quality of the city is social interaction. Good cities have high social interaction at a low cost

5 Sustainability is not an add-on! It is a part of how we plan, how we build, how we live. The most climate-friendly square meter is perhaps the one that we do not build so we have to consider carefully
6 Diversity = a thriving city life! By offering a wide variety of housing units and typologies we can also attract a wide variety of people, old, young, families, singles, students – with different daily routines, needs and economies
7 Sharing is caring! We can share on different levels and for different reasons: inside a housing unit, among several units in a cluster, in the neighborhood, in the district, in Bergen as a city. For economic, sustainable, social reasons, for our personal gains and the common good.