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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Prodtopes

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The productive city can be understood and explained in many ways. As this year’s European competition brief describes, one explanation could be focused specifically around reintroducing places intended for physical work into the mixed city. Furthermore, landscape and nature will play an essential role in repairing, organising and creating production from our surroundings. On a more abstract level it can be claimed that the productive city represents a valuable alternative to our existing mode of urban development, solely motivated by pleasure and leisure time.

The project wants to enhance the river landscape along Nesa to solve more than what is just technical and recreational. The project wants to enhance the river landscape along Nesa to solve more than just technical and recreational. Similar to the exchange and productivity taking place in border areas between different natural habitats on land and water, this landscape should be regenerated as a productive zone with human manufacturing and vegetation ́s cleaning, draining or filtration capabilities.

The project has to allow for a degree of organisational and programmatic flexibility for future types of production which we know little about as of today. Possibilities for combining productive units with other urban programs must be maintained. Furthermore, planning tools have to guarantee areas and principles for growth within the site rather than making it convenient to force businesses out of the area.

The true combination of housing, production and recreation will produce urban environments where the effects of investments are increased and new forms of shared public spaces and unknown experiences will emerge. The reintroduction of workplaces into the city’s colourful fabric will pave the way for social friction and thus a truly mixed city.