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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Phase Zero

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Phase Zerø is not an architectural project. It is an architectural process. Understood from varying scales, it is meant to absorb its own context and adapt to it, triggering its potential.

The research process started with the categorization of the problems observed. Both this problems and suggested solutions differ enormously in different aspects, from scale to feasibility. In order to avoid being overwhelmed three major categories are identified: Cultural Heritage, Community Interaction and Economic Resiliency.

We develop three different strategies to respond to these three different categories. Acknowledging the complexity of the task a “Storyboard for the Future” is proposed. It includes a brief summary of the current conditions. It also divides each strategy into two phases:

1. The Long-Term Strategy. Interpreted as a compilation of basic guidelines, its aim is to keep a clear direction of the major goals to achieve. They involve a large number of different agents, from Guovdageaidnu neighbors to InternationalAssociations, along with different sources of financing.

2. The short term process. Three different devices are proposed for each of these three poblems. They are ‘suppont elements’, with an strong landscape component to create focal point from the earliest stages of implementation. Minor programmatic elements are attached to them, in order to work as activation points for each strategy.