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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Path

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Guovdageaidnu is today a physically fragmented village, with little coherence between its scattered clusters of buildings, and with two sharp division lines running right through it – the E45 and the Guovdageaidnu river. The project proposal is therefore a PATH that seeks to tie the village together through a series of new strategies, activities and places. Just like the stars have guided man for centuries, the new interventions can be linked in infinite ways, creating a constellation that is unique to Guovdageaidnu. The proposed strategies, activities and places vary in scale and complexity – they can be linked differently, depending on wants and the means at disposal. The task of creating the constellation that best represents Guovdageaidnu should be given to the people of Guovdageaidnu. The aim of the proposal is therefore to present the inhabitants with a tool kit, that will help steer the direction towards the future. The proposal shall be seen as a catalogue of ideas, that can be further explored by the local inhabitants – a basis for a continued conversation – ságat allat.

The proposal explores the strategy of creating a more densified centre at the location of the existing primary school – linking the new developments to the north with the old city centre to the south. Around this new core grows a system of paths, linking the constellation of new activities and places – making it easy to move around, and to explore, Guovdageaidnu, for both locals and tourists. Two types of paths will set the new program. The main path is an infinite loop – a circle – which ties the new constellation of strategies, activities and places together. The secondary paths are thought of as partly physical, partly imaginary lines that connect the stars of the constellation, and which facilitate access to the new village centre. Common for all paths is that they follow the curves of the terrain, in accordance with Sámi culture and thourough knowledge about moving in tune with nature.

The proposed strategies, activities and places shall be seen as a set of ideas on how Guovdageaidnu can become a sustainable community, developing new sources of income and creating attractive living conditions. Some ideas are completely new, others a development of exisiting traditions, re-enforcing what Guovdageaidnu already has to offer. Guovdageaidnu is a community with a strong local engagement and awareness of the Sámi heritage. Some of the architectural interventions therefore have references to traditional building traditions, such as the áiti and the njalla. They should be functional and easy to construct. A goal of the proposal is that as many of the ideas as possible can be constructed through local knowledge, materials and resources.