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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: On Reflection

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”On Reflection” is a rich and complex architectural microcosmos in the center of Narvik. Existing buildings on the site are kept and sometimes adapted to new usage while new additions are carefully inserted to improve the social and physical context they are a part of. A new building stand next to the picturesque OT-gården, an industrial workshop building is converted into a scientific museum and the old gates for fire trucks will further on be maneuvered by students opening up the co-working spaces to the outside. It’s a creative campus with the greatest impact for the individual inhabitant, but also for Narvik as a whole.

On an urban scale, ”On Reflection” continues the tradition of public spaces facing the main road, a feature that will be of even greater importance to the future pedestrian friendly Kongensgate. This square will be a natural entrance to the whole complex of the Technical Quarter and at the same time a historic place with the history of Narvik imbedded in it. An inviting landscape design will appeal to everyone that is passing by.

Two new buildings are added to the architectural ensemble of the Technical Quarter – the ”Unité” and the ”Newton Building”. The Unité together with the former Fire department and Technical town hall will physically define the new square. The whole ground floor is dedicated to public or semi-public functions that will contribute to the liveliness of the square – entrances, coworking, café/restaurant and main lobby. From the lobby you can take the elevator up to the flexible hall. It can be used for conventions, concerts, fairs etc., or just as a place where you can get one of the best views over Narvik. The other addition, the Newton building, will be the public face of Teknorama and the cornerstone of the new, more accessible Bromsgård Park. Activities can easily ”spill out” into the park whenever the weather is allowing. The exhibition space is located in the former workshop building with its rough surfaces, good daylight conditions and spacious rooms.

People who choose to live in Narvik’s Technical Quarter do it because of its urban qualities and vibrant atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a strong community with plenty of common spaces and direct access to the coworking spaces from your home. The types of living units – the studio, the collective housing and the duplex apartment – have distinctive features. Whatever type one chooses, one will get a unique living experience in the heart of Narvik.