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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: North Lantern

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The project for the new multi-service complex for the Narvik Center is set to be a single high volume and visible from all over the surrounding area. The northern lantern becomes a symbol capable of defining a city’s position from the sea and the mountains that are all around.

The project is articulated in the formal definition of a new, flat plaza, which at the underground level houses parking for service to residents, workers and as public storage and firefighters (maximum height over 5.00mt). In the basement also find store space for public activities that the project replaces in the area indicated. The square is the new collective center of Narvik. Great for summer months as a place to be together outdoors, and as a place to admire the nature of the north park. Some elements of the park, the trees, enter the square from the north and gradually diminish in number down to the south side.

The square has a 4.00mt x 4.00mt mesh design with durable materials (concrete, stone) and with inserts of luminous elements (LED lamps with color variation). The square is accessed from the sidewalk level or from two ramps that are in contact with the pavement itself.

The building houses all the required functions and grows in height following the regular grid concept. The language of the building is characterized by the visible structure made up of a window system with irregular and always different protrusions. At two heights the building is moistened to allow the passage of winds and visibility from the relevant points of the surrounding natural environment. The functions of the building, which has flexible plants, are: student residences; workplaces; Production sites; Spaces for education; researcher’s spaces; public spaces for the community such as library; Laundry facilities for residences; gym and gym facilities for the elderly; children indoor-playgrounds. The building is designed to minimize energy needs, with glass windows in the air chamber and with rainwater recovery for the water operation of the technical parts.