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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: New new era wharf

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Situated in one of the most interesting valleys of Norway, Rødberg lays exactly in between the two cities that gave the name to this region: Nore and Uvdal. This central position fostered the village to became the institutional core of the region but somehow didn’t promoted its improvement in terms of cultural development and touristic attraction. During the years, both Nore and Uvdal have been able to better take advantage of the qualities of their territory leaving Rødberg behind. However, if brought together as a part of a collaborating system, the three cities could actually start influencing each other, taking the good aspects and peculiarities that each one has to offer.

Rødberg is a place of opportunities and undisclosed potential. Its placement is not the only thing that could actually fetch this settlement with chances of development. The village has been the main vector of growth of the whole region back in the early XIX century because of the construction of one of the first and most important hydropower plant of Norway. By making this “industrial” identity to resonate back again, working on the particular relationship that this village has with the natural element of water it could surely be possible to light the position of Rødberg on the radar of the second-home dwellers: the most valuable economic resource of this piece of Norway.