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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Nesting centers

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The works o f the architects who have participated in this example of resistance towards master planning and large designing do indeed heighten the expectations of what could happen on this particular site, but also our idea of what urbanism and architecture as creative forces can bring to civic life. In that sense, the resistance has already succeeded.

Analyzing the evolution of our civilization tells us that city is rather a new concept, yet successful and promising in terms of inheriting our collective effort on constructing culture. However, cities have been used as laboratories of great urban concepts which have managed to survive due to absorbing abilities of local cultures. In this respect, every culture, Sami included, is expected to react skeptical toward any major interventions. A clear designing of a physical center might be followed by similar consequences too.

As Sami have essentially always been nomadic, the center has moved its location often also. An implementation of the defined center concept would have been rather inconsistence with Sami culture and identity. However, due to the evolution of ways of living our unique cultures are being asked to adapt and absorb beneficial ideas. Hence, the perception for the center should be open for interpretation based on our point of interest, physical ability to comprehend it and any daily activities and circumstances. A center should not have a strict border, instead, it should function as an open landscape and a space o f significance and common good.

Nesting Centers is conceptualized on the principle that indigenous people in the Arctic value nature and consider their natural surroundings a s a source of inspiration. Pricing this cultural value is simply impossible and undesirable. Therefore, the vision seeks for solutions within the current urban tissue. Nesting Centers, comparable to Matryoshka doll, change sizes but not necessarily qualities. The civic 1 Concept center remains the core and a ripple effect of programs and spaces gradually merges with the natural surroundings. The civic core is followed by the educational belt formulated by the new theatre and high school, new primary and secondary school, kindergarten and AgriAbility center. Further, the nature accessibility is enhanced by a pedestrian bridge linking two sided of the river. Through this proposal we consider our future inseparable from the positive being of our living environment and vigorously standing for a n stage of eco-stability.